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Take on the role of a teacher who is helping

Take on the role of a teacher who is helping students understand Macbeth. Choose one scene from the play and create 12 to 18 annotations, or explanatory notes, to explain the meanings of words and figurative language and to analyze the poetic structure. Then write one or two conclusion paragraphs explaining how Shakespeare’s language supports the tone and character development in the scene.

Your assignment should include the following elements:

Annotations that explain unfamiliar words and expressions in a scene from Macbeth, including the pronunciation and origins of at least two words

Annotations that describe the meaning of the figurative language in the same scene from Macbeth

Annotations that show the meter of three to six lines of the scene

A paragraph or two examining the development of one of the scene’s characters and the scene’s overall tone

You should have completed a draft of this assignment in the activity before this one. If you haven’t done so, go back and complete that activity now.

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