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TASK 1: Finding the data from databanks: Download/produce an Excel spreadsheet

TASK 1: Finding the data from databanks:

Download/produce an Excel spreadsheet including the data for your selection of 2 countries. Data that are required in your spreadsheet are as follows:

➢ Gross Domestic Product (Nominal GDP)

➢ Inflation rate

➢ Unemployment rate

➢ Interest rate

➢ Money Supply

➢ Covid-19 data (monthly/Case data)

Ex: First six columns of your Excel worksheet must contain the variables that you download:

Year/Month GDP Inflation Unemployment Interest Rate Money Supply Covid-19

(You are free to select any 2 countries but comparable countries are recommended).

· Put the years in Column A and your countries’ data through the other columns seen above.

· The year data series are from 2000 to present.

· Covid-19 data will be since December 2019, will be monthly.

· Name your file as Term Project_Name and Surname_ Data.xlsx

· Use the data sources that we discussed in the lecture: For this project, you need to use the data sources like: TURKSTAT, World Bank, OECD, IMF, Penn World Table, and etc.

TASK 2: Develop your research (2 or more pages):

➢ An introduction in which you are expected to explain: what type of data that you are studying with (quantitative, qualitative, time-series, panel or cross sectional, etc.). A brief statement about the selected countries: their location, geographic size, population, anything you think that might be useful to mention, as it will improve the quality of your research.

➢ A paragraph describing the data. Produce a summary statistics, explain how the data change (over what intervals is the GDP (or other data) increasing, decreasing or constant) and variate, what are the trends, comment on the descriptive statistics.

➢ Create charts (Scatter plot, line, bar, combo, etc.) for all variables (GDP, Inflation, Unemployment, Interest Rate, Money Supply and Covid-19) individually and for both countries. Make sure to have time on the vertical axis and your data on the horizontal axis. Format the chart by doing the followings:

· Give a title to your chart.

· Format the scale on the vertical axis to include dollar signs and 1000’s place commas.

Example: Label the horizontal axis appropriately, including units, and display the units on the GDP somewhere on the chart. (Tip: Look for “Number” in the vertical axis’ dialog box.)

➢ Compare the countries. Use proper charts to compare both countries, comment on these charts: which country surpasses the other one on which variable, etc. Remember, once you produce the charts in Excel, you can copy and paste it directly into a word file. Within the word file, you can change the formatting (colors, fonts, labels, line thickness and etc. if needed.)

➢ Show the current trend. Create a chart showing only the current trend, along with your model, labeling axes and providing a title.

TASK 3: Relationships (1 or 3 pages long):

1. What is the relationship between;

· GDP – Unemployment.

· GDP – Money Supply,

· GDP – Interest rate,

· GDP – Inflation rate

· GDP – Money supply

· GDP – Covid-19

· Covid-19 – Interest rate

· ……………………

Ø Use graphs and correlation analysis to show these relationships: comment on these relationships, think about whether there are structural breaks (i.e., sudden immense changes) or crisis during your observation interval and if so, how these may affect the stated relationships.

TASK 4. Findings in relation to Covid-19 (1 or 3 pages long):

Write a summary based on your general findings so far in relation to Covid-19 considering the aspects below.

Ø Think about the macroeconomic indicators of two countries since December 2019. How does Covid-19 affect the countries? (Think about the country risk)

· Exchange Rate

· Inflation Rate

· Interest Rate

· Unemployment and Employment Rates

· Health System: Health Expenditure, Health Packages

Ø Why is the financial sector so important for an economy in terms of a macro perspective? How is the financial system affected by Covid-19?

Ø How is the education affected by Covid-19?


Write the references you used including data sources, news sources, academic papers, etc., with APA citation style

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