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Task: In this paper, I would like you to: Describe "The Moral


In this paper, I would like you to:

  • Describe “The Moral Problem” that Michael Smith lays out in chapter 1 of his 1994 book The Moral Problem. (The problem is very explicitly presented on p12 of this chapter; I want you to put this problem into your own words.)
  • Drawing on the readings for the course, present two different ways of trying to resolve the Moral Problem. (For example, you might discuss those who reject proposition (1) of the Moral Problem, and those who reject proposition (2).)
  • Evaluate which strategy for resolving the Moral Problem is superior. Try to provide reasons for your evaluation. 


  • Your paper should be 900-1100 words (include a word count with your submission).
  • You do not need to include a bibliography; simply reference page numbers where appropriate. 
  • Your paper will be marked according to this rubric
  • Before beginning: (1) read and digest the grader’s comments on your first paper; (2) re-read Jim Pryor’s Guidelines on Writing a Philosophy Paper.
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