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Technical Analysis Research: Autopilot and Ground Control Station

Technical Analysis Research: Autopilot and Ground Control Station Academic Level : Bachelor Paper details Analyze and summarize your research and prepare a two-page (full pages of text) minimum, three-page maximum paper (title page, abstract, references and images/graphs do not count towards the paper length). To accomplish the design project’s Outback Challenge mission, your second design topic to research and select is the UAS Autonomous Autopilot and Ground Control Station (Note: a handheld manual RC remote controller is not a Ground Control Station) with a budget of $3000.00 Research and select the type of Autopilot and Ground Control Station you feel would best accomplish the two-fold mission of searching for, and then delivering a rescue package to Outback Joe a man lost and injured in the outback of Australia. Your selection and description must include the software and computer/device utilized in your Ground Control Station, and the cost of all components and software. Autopilot Capability Examples: Small size without sacrificing UAS functionality. GPS waypoint navigation with altitude and airspeed hold. Completely independent operation, including autonomous takeoff, bungee launch, hand launch, and landing. Fully integrated with 3-axis gyros and accelerometers, GPS, pressure altimeter, pressure airspeed sensors, all on a single circuit board. Extensive data logging and telemetry capabilities. Must stay within the entire system budget, and off the shelf available. Ground Control Station Capabilities: User-friendly, point-and-click interface Video support Allows the operator to monitor the autopilot, change waypoints, upload new flight plans, initiate holding patterns, and adjust feedback loop gains. Allows accessing critical information in real time. Must stay within the budget of the system, and off the shelf available.

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