The addition of expert data and or research in a college paper is important for many reasons. First is that

The addition of expert data, and or research in a college paper is important for many reasons. First, is that gives your paper more academic value. Your paper will be more than your opinion, or the opinion of others. Your paper will be made up of hard, carefully researched facts. This will ensure the highest amount of accuracy, and facts for your assignment.
Second, is that you will be taken more seriously as a writer, researcher, and as a student. It is incredibly easy these days to conduct a quick Google search on a topic and to come up with information for an essay. Unfortunately, there just is not a good enough way to properly verify the information as being true, especially knowing how little effort it takes for someone to just put something on the internet. By doing the research, and using scholarly sources in your paper, you will have shown in your writing, that you put forth the effort to do the research, and to have properly added any and all citations and references.
Third, is that by using scholarly sources in your essay, you are furthering your own knowledge. While everyone else is getting their education by way of the internet, social media, and the news, you are getting your knowledge directly from the source. This is not only better for your readers or audience, but it is expeditiously better for you as a student.
The following article titled “Gun Law History in the United States and Second Amendment Rights” is a comprehensive look into laws and issues regarding the Second Amendment of the United States Constitution, dating all the way back to the year 1619. (SPITZER, R. J. (2017).)
It was Christmas 1994. I was 7 years old, and could not wait for Santa to arrive. When my sister and I woke up on Christmas morning, we rushed downstairs, where our Mom, and Grandparents were waiting. It was on that morning when I received my first firearm. A Marling model 66 .22 caliber semi-automatic target rifle. I couldn’t have been more excited. The very next week, my Grandfather took me to the shooting range for the first time. He taught me all of the proper safety rules. From there, he showed me how to line up my sights, along with trigger control, and proper breathing. We had set up some clay discs about 50 yards away. Applying everything I had just learned; I began hitting those neon orange plates with ease. I was instantly hooked. I have been heavily involved in the firearms community ever since. It is mind-blowing to think that I have been shooting for 26 years.
Knowing how to properly credit the work of experts in college writing is vitally important. It gives credit where credit is due. It shows that you did the research for your work, and you are giving the subject matter experts the credit. More importantly, it holds us to a higher standard as students, it increases our integrity, and it is respectful to the experts. Mastering this skill will benefit me greatly in helping me avoid plagiarism, and writing better, more factually accurate papers.

SPITZER, R. J. (2017). Gun Law History in the United States and Second Amendment Rights. Law & Contemporary Problems, 80(2), 55–83.

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