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The Amendment of 1972

What is Title IX and how does it affect you as a student? How will the guidelines described in Title IX affect your future practice as educator? Here is my classmates response: Title IX was part of that prohibited sex and gender-based discrimination under federal law. Title IX came around the time that women were fighting for equal rights, allowing this to be an extension from that time. This law protects every student from being denied access or participation in a program in schools based on their sex (Grand Canyon University, 2019). Schools that receive national funding are required to abide by this law, which has now expanded to include sexual orientation and identity as well (Grand Canyon University, 2019). This legislation has help women and men to be held to the same equal platform and has worked to increase competition and overall performance the school expects from their students. Title IX has benefited and affected me as a student by providing protection and offering the same opportunities to each individual student. This law protects students from exclusion from school activities, programs, opportunities, and financial assistance (Sex Discrimination, 2019). Title IX also works to ensure the protection of students from sexual discrimination and has developed policies and procedures to guarantee compliance. The piece of this that enlightened me the most about this law, was that it worked to benefit and protect both students and faculty (Grand Canyon University, 2019). Title IX was created to ensure that everyone in the school setting was treated fair and equal, allowing for all discrimination to be removed and hostile environments to be dealt with. There should be no students that feel they are being discriminated against, as the learning environment is meant to be a safe space. As an educator, I will have to work to not have favorites and include all students and staff in activities and educational opportunities. A large portion of my job will entail me making sure students feel safe and creating awareness that if they do feel discriminated against, they can speak up and receive the assistance that they need. This also requires me to issue reports if I see or hear of instances where teachers or students are engaging in sex discrimination, knowing that those involved will receive disciplinary actions for their involvement. It is an educators job to create an environment where students feel that they can learn and not feel judged on the basis of their sex. The goal is to create an air of acceptance and tolerance in the schools so that discrimination can decline, and opportunities can continue to be upheld equally for all. References: Grand Canyon University (2019). Title IX Website and Title IX Video [Web Page]. Retrieved from: Sex Discrimination. (2019). Retrieved 24 August 2019, from

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