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The Buying Process/ Fashion Buying Management.

 Full Brief – The Buying Process – Assignment 2: Assignment 2: Written Report of 2000 words (worth 70% of module mark) Assignment 2 – Brief Produce an individual 2000 word Written Report researching and analysing key aspects within the design, development and buying process for a different A/W18 fashion product (not the same one as used for Assign 1) from a UK Company High Street retailer only. Demonstrate your understanding of the ‘buying cycle’, and the influences of specific criteria that affect the product development process, evaluating and analysing the complexities of the commercial considerations that may likely have been taken. The emphasis is on the analysis of your chosen fashion product from the A/W 2018 Season and the specific given 6 key stages below, and aspects within the garments design and product development process. The report requires you to show a thorough investigation, insight, analysis and understanding of all the influences that have likely affected your chosen product. This report should follow ‘The Buying Cycle’ time line, and use the ‘Buying Cycle’ handout sheet as well as using key seminar workshops. (Be very careful that you DO NOT choose a S/S 19 product) The analysis and investigation should be of the followings 6 key stages from the Buying Cycle for your product; therefore these form your 6 chapter headings within this report. 1. Conduct thorough research of the Fabric and Colour Trend influences from the key industry Fabric Fairs and Trend Prediction companies, explaining the visual references and the qualified evidence, and findings and then analysing and discussing how this has impacted your garment. 2. Investigate and explain clearly the specific considerations relating to your product at the Sampling and Fitting Stage of your garment, discuss and clearly analyse what likely amendments or styling details the garment technologist and buyer may have made, taken or discussed with the buying team and designer for your garment. Use an image and/or flat drawing of your garment to aid this process, and show your further insight, analysis and to aid your explanations (refer to the in class seminar exercise). 3. Include the Numerical Data for your product and show the retail selling price and approximate cost price, as well as the margin calculation and figures. Include the breakdown of the cost price figures, showing the % breakdowns and costs and then analysing the approximate cost per metre of the fabrics and also the trims used for your garment. Use a chart to show these figures clearly. 4. Produce visual mood boards showing the Key Catwalk and Street Style Influences that have very likely influenced and impacted the design and development of your garment, and then discuss and analyse the influences of these selected designers, the shapes, colours, fabrics, prints and the design and styling details within your report. 5. Take into account the influence of the Media and the Press regarding your product, showing gathered print and social media and celebrity influences evidence in a visual mood board, analyzing and evaluating this evidence. Then explain what could happen and how the company and the buyer would need to react if your product or a similar type of product was featured in the media. 6.Conduct a current Comp Shop of 3 Key Competitors and their similar types of product to your chosen garment that are currently on sale, and then format this information into a chart using the seminar workshop exercise to aid the communication of all the necessary the information. Then analyze and discuss the findings, comparing and contrasting the gathered evidence. Assignment 2 Brief continued – next page Then finally in the Conclusion produce a SWOT Analysis Chart for your garment (using the seminar workshop) and show further analysis and discussion of your garment’s sales and potential success in this final chapter of your report. You must include good clear colour visuals (front & back) of your product at the beginning of your report in the introduction, with the price, fabric composition and factual product description. You are not required to give any factual or visual information about the brand or retailer. Your report must include appropriate visuals and Mood Boards where indicated and clear supporting factual evidence with a good depth and breadth of credible industry research and appropriate sources, showing clearly the links and investigation process to back up your analysis, rationale and discussion points. Thereby demonstrating that you fully understand these stages of the design and development process that your chosen garment has specifically undertaken. The Report should be written in a formal report format, in the third person NOT I, and must include relevant visual data throughout the report to enhance and demonstrate your understanding. You must also use and correctly Harvard reference any passages or quotes from the reading books given for this module, and include these within your bibliography. Reference sources that should be used and that will be expected from credible industry sources like – WGSN, Stylus, LSN, Edited, Mintel, Global Data, Business of Fashion, Marketline, Euromonitor, Drapers,,, the wider Media and key fashion journalists. Your module leader will give you an indication as to the specific product to choose to base your assignment upon. It is your choice, but with the following provisos – – You must prepare to discuss with your tutor what you are proposing to choose and why – You cannot proceed with the assignment until this has been agreed with you tutor The lectures and seminars are intended to provide you with an introduction to each stage in the design process, and for you to apply this to your product specifically.

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