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The case for women as leaders in the Church Seminar Paper

Students will select a specific topic from the field of biblical studies to research, and will write a 20 page paper. Since this assignment is based upon quality research, students will be expected to conduct quality research and write an academic paper that reflects the research. • This paper will demonstrate your thorough understanding of a topic and theological method. • You will demonstrate your ability to select the correct methods of biblical criticism. • You will use the tools effectively to match the topic and scope of your paper. • The paper will demonstrate effective exegetical methods. • You will submit a topic proposal, including an annotated bibliography, to your professor for approval • The paper will be about 20 pages, double-spaced, Times New Roman, 12 point font. • This is a research paper and MUST incorporate and USE a significant number of excellent books/reference materials (minimum of 5-10). • You will be graded on your ability to write effectively, analyze the topic, and do proper research. • You must consistently format your paper using MLA style. For more information regarding MLA formatting, please refer to the MLA Guide in the course menu under Resources. • You must cite all quotes as well as all instances when you use someone else’s ideas. • Remember to focus on proper writing: o Introduction o Numerous paragraphs o Logical flow o Transitions o Conclusion A successful paper will: • Have a specific thesis statement. • Incorporate excellent research to draw out the thesis. • Have a logical outline. • Have a very detailed examination of all relevant scriptural passages. • Demonstrate the ability to use the research/scholarly tools discussed in class. • Use proper citation and writing format.

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Assignment Outline