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The FIFA world cup ,*The Olympic Games

Description Compare and contrast the impact social media has had on promoting a major global event against more traditional methods,You mai choose to analyse this from one of the following events: *The FIFA world cup *The Olympic Games (including para and winter versions) *Glastonbury *Cannes Film Festival *1500 words Your work must take the form of a simple report;Make sure you have a title,contents page,introduction,numbered points or subheadings,conclusion and a list of reference. Guidance note:you have been asked to compare and contrast the role of social media plays in promotion of an event of your choice. This is for you to decide for example,if you are writing about the Olympics you might choose last year`s Rio Olympics, but remember,you are comparing and contrasting, so you might choose to draw comparisons from previous Olympic Game (focussing on the role of different forms of media impact upon promotion of them). Remember the task, is related to marketing and specifically social medi.You have however, been asked to analyse this in relation to more traditional marketing methods.You will need to choose carefully and specifically or you will be generalising rather than analysing.Think carefully when deciding on wich event to concentrate on. Try to pick one that you know more about as this will help you when beginning to research the report. Research is really important for writing this assignment as you are essentially asked to find similarities and identify differences.In order to do this you will have to research your subject choice thoroughly.

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