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The final paper should be the final product of your


The final paper should be the final product of your work throughout the term and the results of your weekly discussions. The core content of the final paper is the results of your readings and the findings you have devised.  It is okay to reuse some of your posts in your final paper as you see fit. At a minimum, in your Results and Discussion section of your final paper, try to address the following questions:

  • What are some of the possible answers to your questions?
  • What are some of the important findings you expect from your investigation?
  • What is the practical significance of your predicted findings?
  • What is/are the contribution/s of your findings to what we know or do not know about your topic?

Your submission should follow the format of a research paper and should be ready for sharing at a symposium, seminar, workshops, or conference.

The typical length of a paper for proceedings is 6-12 pages, including tables, charts, and references.

The main body of the paper should be numbered in consecutive order:







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