The following website Autopsy of a Murder Interactive File. Montreal Science Centre. is an interactive website that discusses various types

The following website, Autopsy of a Murder (Interactive File. Montreal Science Centre.), is an interactive website that discusses various types of evidence found at a crime scene, how it is collected, and how it is tested at a crime lab. (Dont skip the introduction.)
Pretend you are the “lead investigator” on this case and will be sharing your preliminary findings on this case to fellow detectives and command staff.
Prepare a PowerPoint presentation that answers the below questions. Your textbook must be used as a source and should be properly cited.
Autopsy of a Murder
Go to this website and click on the various tabs and see what you learn. From the Crime Scene tab:
As the lead investigator, what are the first steps you would take when you arrive at the crime scene?
What pieces of evidence were identified by the CSI, and what is the significance of each piece of evidence?
Other than the “obvious” evidence that the CSI marked, what other evidence would you look for?
What is/are your theory(ies) of who committed the crime? (Use your imagination.)
Have fun exploring the site!

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