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The four phases in the evolution of public relations.

1. Briefly discuss the four phases in the evolution of public relations. Why did it take so long to move from the first phase to the second and third phases? What propelled the evolution of those phases? 2. Discuss at least one person credited with helping to develop each of the four phases. 3. This question will require some additional research. Please cite the sources for the information you provide. Make the attribution to that source clear. If the source is not immediately recognizable, (as in New York Times, Gallup Research, Wall Street Journal, Journal of Public Relations, The Museum of Public Relations, etc.) identify the source with a brief explanation. The question: Who should be credited as the “Father of Public Relations?” Edward Bernays or Ivy Lee? Defend your answer. Remember that the information you need to complete this assignment is not entirely available in the History Supplement I have provided. 4. Given what you have read about the last phase of public relations development, and the definition of public relations that I provided in the Introduction, do Arthur Page’s Six Principles still work in today’s practice of the profession? Defend your answer. Be thorough but concise with your answers. You shouldn’t need more than a couple of pages at most to answer these four questions. Remember that content is important, but so is error-free writing.

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