The Occupational Safety and Health Administration OSHA and the Environmental Protection Agency EPA urge employers owners and operators to conduct

The Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) and the
Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) urge employers (owners and
operators) to conduct a root cause analysis following an incident or
near miss at a facility. A root cause is a factor that caused a
nonconformance and should be permanently eliminated through process
improvement. Root cause analysis is a collective term that describes a
wide range of approaches, tools, and techniques used to uncover causes
of problems.
Consider an accident involving injuries in which you are familiar:
perhaps something that happened in your personal life, something at
work, or something you heard, viewed, or read about in the news. In a
3 page paper, analyze and discuss the following concepts as they
pertain to work safety and root cause analysis:
What was the nature of the work or activity taking place?
Describe the environment surrounding the activity
What planning was involved prior to the activity taking place?
How could the activity have been better planned in terms of keeping people safe?
What mitigation strategies will be implemented in activities similar to this one that might prevent the results of this event?

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