The physician performs a detailed history

34.   The suffix -sis means


A. process.

B. drooping.

C. inflammation.

D. condition.

35.   A new patient is seen in a clinic for complaints of shortness of breath, fever, difficulty swallowing, runny nose, and cough. The physician performs a detailed history, detailed examination, and medical decision making of low complexity. The physician also obtains a chest x-ray and lab workup. Based on the results of the diagnostic tests, the physician renders a diagnosis of upper respiratory tract infection and lymphadenopathy. What ICD-10 and CPT codes are assigned?


A. 99215, M19.011, R13.10

B. 99203, J06.9, R59.0

C. 99213, R06.82, F10.229

D. 99202, D63.1, J45.909

36.   A physician is called to the intensive care unit for a patient with second-degree burns sustained on 55% of his body while cooking in the kitchen where he works. The physician sees the patient in the critical care unit for two hours, leaves the unit, and returns later the same day to provide an additional hour of critical care. What ICD-10-CM and CPT codes would be assigned?


A. L91.8, 99291 × 2, 99292 × 4

B. T31.50, 99291, 99292 × 4

C. Z30.09, 99293, 99294 × 2

D. R53.81, 99291, 99293 × 5

37.   A physician who cares for a patient throughout an entire pregnancy, from beginning to end, is providing


A. comprehensive prenatal management.

B. routine global obstetric care.

C. puerperal obstetric care.

D. antenatal global supervision.

38.   A patient is seen in the emergency room complaining of abdominal pain in the left lower quadrant. It’s determined that the patient is experiencing inflammation of the pancreas, which is also called


A. pancreaticoduodonal arcade.

B. pancreatonia.

C. pancreatolysis.

D. pancreatitis.

39.   The covering on the brain and spinal cord in the dorsal cavity is called the


A. sheath.

B. peritoneum.

C. ganglia.

D. meninges.


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