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The reflections can be written on any ofour resources or activities.In each reflection clearly indicate which readings and activitiesyou are

The reflections can be written on any of
our resources or activities.
In each reflection, clearly indicate which readings and activities
you are addressing.
You don’t need to state what the readings or video said, or what happened during our class activity or discussion.
Tell me what they mean to you: Did
the material surprise you? Did something you read pop back into your mind several hours later? How could the resource or activity
prove useful to you in the future?
This is your opportunity to dig deeply into a reading, video, and/or activity that had an impact on your thinking but perhaps didn’t get discussed in
great detail
during our discussions.
please read chapter 1 and 12 and write TWO reflections. 1.5 pages for each reflection. APA style.

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