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The technique described in the article “Berkeley please stop shows

The technique described in the article “Berkeley please stop shows racial disparities, but what does that mean?” They are trying to focus on releasing more information to the public about what occurred during those traffic stops and what really happened when force was involved. Also, they want to continue to ensure their mission is still central to being equal. They also want their community to know they want to cooperate and especially with those in the community that are affect by these racial disparities. 
I do believe that these efforts to fix the gap within their community will work as long as they remain transparent about what is going on in the community, and if they continue to try and work on not including biases in their day to day job. 

Raguso, E. (2022, August 4). Berkeley police stops show racial disparities – but what does that mean? Berkeleyside. Retrieved October 6, 2022, from 

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