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The Transition to College for Students with LD and ADHD


1.   Instruction, Format and Rubric (please read CAREFULLY)

2.   Complete list of course Readings (to ensure you are not using resources – per instructions)

3.   Complete list of course Readings that relates to the topic of Transition (can potentially be use)

4.   The 5 Articles for potential use (after utilizing 5 or more new sources)

5.   Project Sample for Visual Use (if needed)

Critically analyze the literature to identify positives, areas of concerns, implications, and suggestions for future work. Your paper should include a minimum of five (5) sources published in the last five (5) years NOT cited in this syllabus, and must be in APA format.

Length: 7 pages plus 2 ppt slides

Please refer to the scoring rubric for assessment guidelines. For full points, your assignment must include the following:

1. A title page and a citation page in addition to the six-page minimum requirement (you do not have to write an abstract).

2. APA format is required.

3. Demonstrate independent research, analysis, and critique. 

– Be sure to address the Transition of LD and ADHD populations to college

4. At least five (5) sources published in the last five (5) years NOT cited in this syllabus.

PPT SLIDES: For the PPT SLIDES, Compile Tips and/or Best Practices from the research. EX: Tips for Transitioning Students (1 Slide) and Tips for Service Providers assisting with Transition (1 Slide).  Or 2 Slides for either.

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