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The Triangle Fire and Progressive Change

 What is expect from this paper is an analysis and discussion of the impact of the 1911 Triangle Fire on labor reforms and workplace regulations in New York during the early 20th century. Using David Von Drehle’s book, Triangle: The Fire That Changed America, at least one article from a peer-reviewed scholarly journal, your text book, and the resources posted in Vancko Hall, construct an argument-based historical essay addressing the questions below. Do not write a summary of the book. You should construct an argumentative, interpretive historical essay, with a thesis statement, using the book and your article to illustrate and defend your argument. This paper must be at least 6-8 typed-written pages, doubled space, 12 point font, with one-inch margins and numbered pages. Your paper must also include an abstract and an annotated bibliography which are not part of the 6-8 page requirement. You must use citations (MLA or APA format) when using any material (direct or indirect) from class, the assigned readings, your peer-reviewed article, the Von Drehle book, and your text book. Questions 1.Discuss the factors that led workers at the Triangle Waist Company to strike in 1909. What were the main issues that drove workers at Triangle to strike? 2. What role did the Women’s Trade Union League (WTUL) and urban Progressives like Anne Morgan play in supporting the efforts of the striking workers? How effective were their efforts in ending the strike? 3. Assess the impact of the Triangle fire. How did the fire “change labor and industry forever”? Discuss at least four specific labor reforms and workplace regulations that were enacted in the wake of the Triangle fire. In what ways were these reforms connected with the broader spirit of progressivism? 4. What do you think is the legacy of the Triangle fire? Do you think the Triangle fire helped change the way we think about workplace safety regulation? Explain your thoughts in detail. Please Note You must use citations when using any material or information (direct or indirect) from your article, the assigned documents, the Von Drehle book, or the textbook. Required Books: There are three required books assigned for this course. The titles are listed below. David Goldfield,Twentieth-Century America: A Social and Political History (2nd edition). Pearson Prentice Hall, 2013. ISBN: 9780205920235. David Von Drehle, Triangle: The Fire that Changed America, Grove Press, 2004. ISBN: 9780802141514. Elaine Tyler May, Homeward Bound: American Families in the Cold War Era Basic Books, 2008. ISBN: 9780465010202

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