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The use of electronic devices

The use of electronic devices (such as cell phones, laptop computers, tablets, etc.) will not be permitted during the final exam. Any violation of this policy will result in a grade of ZERO on the exam. Your final exam will consist of a five-paragraph (or longer), three-page (or longer) essay written in a blue book. You may skip lines or use every line on the page. Please use only one side of each blue book page. By familiarizing yourselves with the questions in this guide, you will be better-prepared for our Final Exam. Try to go back over your lecture notes, handouts, and textbook readings. The final will be an open-book exam. I suggest that you form study groups either online or in person. Good luck!


You will write an expository essay, a persuasive essay, OR a contrast essay (your choice).


OPTION 1: For the expository essay, you should know the definitions of the following terms. You will use these terms in a “how-to” essay, in which you explain how to write a persuasive research essay.1.    Prewriting,2.    Hook,3.    Thesis,4.    Support,5.    Appeal,6.    Conclusion.


OPTION 2: For the persuasive essay, you should study the elements (hook, thesis, structure, main points, conclusion, character, plot, etc.) of the following texts. You will use these elements to write a persuasive review of an essay (or film).1.   “How To Make a Sno-Cone” 2.   “Behind the Formaldehyde Curtain” 3.   “I Have a Dream” 4.   “Shooting an Elephant” 5.   “Once More to the Lake”6.   The film Mississippi Burning


OPTION 3: For the contrast essay option, you should study the differences between the essays “What’s Wrong With Gay Marriage?” and “Gay ‘Marriage’: Societal Suicide.”You should understand the definitions of the following terms to succeed on the exam:1.Rational appeal,2.Memoir essay,3.Deductive reasoning,4.Directive process analysis,5.Inductive reasoning,6.Informative process analysis,7.Persuasive essay,8.Emotional appeal,9.Ethical appeal,10.  Expository essay.

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