Be on schedule. Score better.


. There is a Discussion minimum of 12 full pages with a ref page needed by Mon 11 NOV 2020

. There is a Discussion (minimum of 1-2 full pages with a ref page) needed by Mon 11 NOV 2020, NLT 5PM.
2. There is a Case Paper assignment due Wed 13 NOV 2020, NLT 5PM,
3. SLP Paper NLT FRI 15 NOV 2020, NLT 5 PM,

(Provide a response of 4-5 pages, not including title page and references)
No Plagiarism of any kind, no paraphrase or word for word….
These papers must be done on time and according to requirements.
You must read the instruction and use the proper formats and references.
At least 4-6 or more Refs cited on all assignments
I need a very professional paper and will have more for the right tutor.

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