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 This assignment builds on the previous assignment.  Using assignment

 This assignment builds on the previous assignment.  Using assignment 2 as a basis, you work individually to conduct further analysis, integrate theory into your analysis, and discuss your findings.  You should begin with the transcript, coding and analysis you completed for Assignment 2.


Your assignment should contain the following components:

  1. A document name and header on each page of your assignment which makes clear which topic you have chosen.This helps us allocate assignments more quickly for marking.
  2. A short introduction which outlines the topic of your transcript and refers to published research relevant to the research question. Keep this fairly brief – around 500 words should be adequate.
  3. Description and discussion of the key findings from your analysis.Bearing in mind the research question associated with your transcript, you should integrate the following things in this section:

– describe the themes you have identified through your analysis and how they relate to each other,- provide example quotations from your transcript, – locate your analysis to a theoretical framework/position, and- link your findings to the literature.

Try to integrate the description of themes, quotations, theory and literature in this section so that your discussion flows from one key idea to another. 

  1. A short conclusion.Again, keep this brief – around 200 words should be enough to summarise your key findings.
  2. A reference list.At least 10 references (including references related to your research question, your methods of coding, your theoretical perspective and relevant literature) will be appropriate.
  3. Your coding document.

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For this assignment, students are required to build on their previous work on a transcript and conduct further analysis, integrating theory into their analysis and discussing their findings. The assignment should be framed around the research question associated with the transcript in question, and should include a document header, a short introduction referring to published research, a discussion of key findings with example quotes and links to literature, a short conclusion, and a reference list.

Question: What is the purpose of including a document header on each page of the assignment?
Answer: Including a document header on each page of the assignment is important as it helps to clearly identify which topic a student has chosen for their assignment. This can speed up the process of marking assignments and ensure that they are allocated to the appropriate assessors.

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