This assignment is designed to see how social research is used or can be used in our daily lives. You

This assignment is designed to see how social research is used (or can be used) in our daily lives. You are required to find a news article, YouTube video, Instagram video, TV report, or other media source that relates to a topic we have covered in class up to this point. This requirement is VERY broad and open. For example, if we have covered sampling, you may find some news report that compares housing costs in Puget Sound vs. other regions of the country. Your goal is to relate the media artifact to the topic.
You can either
Post an original discussion with a new media artifact OR
Use another students media artifact to relate to class material. Be sure to respond to the other students original post.
If you choose #2 above, #1 below is not needed.
Find a media source (or other artifact from your life) that is tangentially related to the weekly topic.
Post a link (or attachment) of the artifact in the discussion below.
Provide a 200-400 word discussion of the artifact and how it relates to the weekly topic. The most successful posts will have the following:
A description of the artifact (what is it?)
A description of the class idea that it is related to (e.g. describe what sampling is)
A brief discussion about how the artifact relates to the weekly topic
Respond to at least one other post and no more than three
Possible topics for this assignment (choose 1-2 for discussion):
Quantitative Methods
Qualitative Methods
Multiple Methods

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