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this assignment is due today in 7 hours…. must have

this assignment is due today in 7 hours…. must have done on time…. no late work….. 

do the following: 

read the article:

pick one of the leadership styles that makes the most sense to you. Which one describes a style of leadership you could see yourself utilizing? Once your have chosen your style, do a web search and learn some more about that particular style of leadership. Who first developed it? What are its merits? Describe the style in your own words. Be sure to cite the resources you are using in your paper. Lastly, tell me why this style makes the most sense for you? Why did you choose it?

Your paper should be 2 pages in length, double spaced, 1 inch margins, Ariel or Times New Roman font. You may use APA or MLA format to cite your sources. Your paper should be roughly 2/3 content describing what you learned about the style and 1/3 why you choose that particular style as your focus.

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