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this assignment, you will take on the role of a

this assignment, you will take on the role of a mental health professional providing a consultation to a colleague. Your colleague in this case happens to be a licensed clinical psychologist. Carefully review the  Fictional Mental Health Consultation Scenario which provides information on your colleague’s patient and specific questions your colleague has posed to you as a consultant. Once you have reviewed the scenario, research a minimum of two peer-reviewed articles in the Library related to the situation(s) presented in the scenario and how these have been approached and treated in previous cases.

Write an evaluation of the patient’s symptoms and presenting problems within the context of at least three theoretical orientation (e.g., cognitive, behavioral, humanistic, biological, sociocultural, evolutionary, psychoanalytic, integrative, etc.). NOTE: Be clear that you are writing about theoretical orientations and using the theoretical orientations to explain the client’s symptoms and presenting problems. Do not use the theoretical orientations to discuss any therapy or treatment approaches. Your application of the theoretical orientations should answer the question: How did this client develop the symptoms and current presenting problems? For example, “Based on the cognitive perspective, how did this client develop the symptoms and current presenting problem?” “Based on the humanisitic perspective, how did this client develop the symptoms and current presenting problem?” Etc. To conclude, justify the use of diagnostic manuals and handbooks besides the DSM-5 that might be used to assess this prospective patient.

The Mental Health Consultation:

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