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# 1st homework !!!!

Scenario:  Your grandmother, aunt, or some other person that you know wants to connect with you on social media or any other app on a smartphone.  You are excited about being able to connect with this person, and they have called you (yes, they know how to use the device to place a call!) and have asked you for help.

Assumptions: You can assume that your target audience has any device and OS that you want.  You can assume that they know what the terms “press, click, click-and-hold,” and other basic terms mean.  You can assume that they understand basic navigational concepts of a smartphone.

Assignment: Your assignment is to create a one page tip sheet that your relative/friend will print out.  This tip sheet will instruct them how to use a particular app (of your choice) so that you guys can stay connected.  This single page should be laid out in a manner that will appeal to your audience, and should use plain, conversational language.

Since this is a one page document that you will print out for your relative, you should craft your homework in Microsoft Word.  If you would rather create it in Illustrator, Photoshop, or some other program, that is acceptable, but you will have to convert your document to PDF for submission.  Once your document is done, submit it through the upload function on this page.

Grading Rubric: You will be graded on how well you’ve suited your assignment to your audience, how well the instructions are written, and whether the instructor, following your instructions, is able to connect/find you and communicate with you based solely on these instructions.

#2nd assignment

Initial Post: 

So for this week, I want you to come up with your proposal topic.  You will come up with a proposal for a new company that is designed to convince a group of investors to buy a certain level of equity at a certain price point.  In this post, do the following in a minimum of 250 words:

  • State the name of your company, what the company will sell (product or service), and who the customer will be.
  • Write a mission and vision statement for your company following the guidance of the supplemental reading.
  • Tell us how your company will differentiate itself from others already in existence.
  • Tell us how you will use your education/major to ensure your company’s success.
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