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This two part assignment requires you to do the following so do not wait to begin until the last day

This two part assignment requires you to do the following, so do not wait to begin until the last day of the module:
Part 1: Go to the United States FEMA training website
and take the interactive web verssion
of the NIMS 700.B introduction course
This is the federal level training that most people working in disaster preparedness and response have to take for their work. If this is your first time taking a FEMA course, you have to set up a user name and password (a FEMA student identification number) at This allows you to take training without providing or having a U.S. social security number. You can also put this on your resume that you have NIMS training
!Important things to note:
Set some time aside where you can take the course and exam. It may take you a couple of hours.
Once you complete the NIMS 700.B introduction training attach a copy of the certificate you receive OR notice that you have PASSED the exam to this assignment dropbox.
IF you have already taken the NIMS 700.B introduction training, select another training course you are interested in from the FEMA library of courses at
and take that course.
You must attach proof when you took and passed the original NIMS 700.B training, as well as
the proof of passing the course you select to take to this dropbox.
Part 2:
Along with attaching your proof of passing the NIMS training, submit a 2-3 paragraph summary in a Word document discussing how you think the government would respond to a zombie outbreak. Cite sources within text and provide a list of references to support your position.

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