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This week, the topic you will be studying is public


This week, the topic you will be studying is public budgeting. Public administration scholars describe the federal budget is one of the most important policy instruments of our government. Through their budget decisions, our elected leaders fulfill their constitutional responsibilities, signal their policy priorities, and manage the federal purse. The budget reflects their decisions to tax and spend, to borrow and lend, and to consume and invest. Those decisions define the size of the federal government and its role in the national economy. Policymakers use the federal budget process to establish spending priorities and identify revenue to pay for those activities. The size and scope of those decisions make the budget process one of the most important and complex exercises in public policy making. (Peter Peterson Foundation)

This week’s assignment is to submit a chapter outline of an overview of the budget process. You must follow the format linked in the assessment tab. The deadline is Sunday, October 3 @ 11:59 pm EST.

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Assignment Outline