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Thoughts / beliefs about mental health


This paper is to be APA style. It does not require an abstract. In this paper, I want you to look back at the same questions I asked of you at the beginning of the semester and tell me if any of your answers have changed. Once again, there are no “right” or “wrong” answers to these questions, these are your opinions. They may have changed, they may not have changed. Either way, I want to see how you think now that you have completed this course. Please see Attachment B of your syllabus for the contents to be included in this paper. Please let me know if you have any questions about this assignment. The first section of the paper is to be your thoughts / beliefs about mental health. What do think mental health is? How would you describe mental health? How would you describe someone that is mentally ill? Do you have any personal / work experience with mentally ill individuals? What do you expect to learn from this course? What do you believe the clinical experience will be like? Have you ever thought about working in the mental health field? Anything that you feel about mental health that you want to tell me, include this in this section of the paper. (I will attach my first paper) These are the second group of questions.The final submission of your paper will be of your thoughts / beliefs about mental health now that you have had this course and the clinical experience. Have your thoughts / beliefs changed? (My thoughts are the same. No changes). If so, how? What did you think about the clinical experience, how would you describe it to someone who has never been inside of the facility before? (I would describe it somewhat like a prison with all of the security and rules. I did not like the clinical experience. I deal with sketchy situations at work on the ambulance with psych patients and I didn’t necessarily like being around psych patients even in a controlled setting. Nurses were extremely nice and helpful. It was difficult learning about the children and their past experiences.) Has this made you want to work in mental health? (No.) Made you not want to work in mental health? (I have never had an interest in mental health. Even though I thought the class was very intriguing, I didn’t gain an interest to work in mental health. I wouldn’t say it turned me away from mental health. My mindset/opinions never changed.) Did you have a patient that made this experience “unforgettable” for you? (Me and my friend Marissa only went to adult units. I did not have any patients that really stuck out to me. Most of the patients there were experiencing the same thing.) If so, how? Give me details. Paint me a picture of you own personal experience. Each of you had a unique experience because it was you that had the experience

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