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To successfully run any business or operationone musthave and utilizea businessstrategy.Company leaders utilize business strategies toachievetheir organizationalgoalsJamsa2013. The author lists

successfully run any business or operation,
one must
have and utilize
Company leaders utilize business strategies
their organizational
2013). The author lists
seven plans that may comprise an organizations business strategy.
(1) List FIVE of Jamsas
plans that business executives may use to achieve their business goals.
(2) In 450 – 600 words (excluding Title Page and Reference List), explain some possible benefits of using EACH of the FIVE plans you choose and possible issues if each plan is not used.
List each of the five plans as a Level 1 Heading
Title page required
Abstract required
Write in third-person only
Proper APA 7 referencing is required
in-text citation
References List

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