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TOPIC: Corporate Crisis Messaging Select a corporate crisis that gained

TOPIC: Corporate Crisis Messaging

Select a corporate crisis that gained national news attention and hurt the organization’s reputation with customers and the community.

Part I:

In 600 words: Provide a short description of the crisis (how it began, the damage it caused, etc.) Describe why this was considered a crisis and not a conflict.

Describe how the organization managed the crisis. Evaluate how successful or unsuccessful the organization was in managing the crisis. Describe the effective methods the organization used to address the crisis and recommend what the organization could have done differently to handle the situation more effectively, if necessary.

Part II:

Imagine you work in the organization you selected and have been asked to write some internal and external communications to address the changes the organization is instituting as a result of the crisis.

Determine the changes that the organization implemented as a result of the crisis, or changes you feel it should/should have implemented.

Create an internal corporate message to communicate the changes that will be implemented. (150-200 words)

Create an external corporate message to communicate the changes to the customers, stakeholders, or public. Choose a communication channel that is most effective to reach your intended audience. (150-200 words)

Use four to five scholarly resources to support your explanations

Prepare this assignment according to the guidelines found in the APA Style Guide.

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