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TOPIC- Determining the impact of organizational culture on employee performance

TOPIC- Determining the impact of organizational culture on employee performance and 

turnover in Amazon, Inc. How to combat turnover in Amazon?

Literature Review / How Organizational Theories Improve Operations

You will conduct a literature review on your topic which includes a minimum of eight scholarly resources for the project. 

Additionally, you will answer the following questions

What organizational theories improve operations?

What are the specific similarities of the articles? Be sure to list the citations in the text for every reference.

What are some significant differences expressed by the articles? Be sure to find a least one reference that has a different or new idea.

Be sure to carefully consider your research question in that the references are about it.

Reflect on further defining your research problem (the problem you identified in your selected company.)

As well, consider as a part of answering the question, whatever preliminary suggestions that seem relevant as solutions to your stated research question.

This section should be 3 to 5 pages. Please use APA format when writing this assignment. See Library, Student Resources, APA for more information.

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