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Topic In the 20th century there were three competing points of view regarding how a nation should be run: the

In the 20th century, there were three competing points of view regarding how a nation should be run: the liberal one (ours), the communist one (U.S.S.R.s) and the fascist one (Hitlers). Towards the end of the 20th century, it seemed as if the liberal one was going to prevail and other countries would see the benefit of providing their citizens with the power to run their government, as it seemed that this might be the only way to sustain prosperity; however, China has remained an authoritarian government and created a vast monitoring service, Russia retains control over the information that their people receive and even try to reduce U.S. citizens understanding of the world. Meanwhile, the U.S. is more politically divided than ever, and it is as if neither side trusts the basic premises of the other. It suddenly feels as if we dont only disagree on our opinions, but we disagree on our facts.
Most of your classmates were born in the Zoomer generation, for whom social media has entered your life at a very early age. As such, your view of the world has a special perspective, and you may even have a view of society as more divided than previous generations. In fact, Noah Yuval Harari believes that we are becoming more nihilistic, which is to say that we dont believe that any philosophy of government is good, and that our voting patterns indicate that not only do we believe that we should avoid imposing our philosophy onto others, we believe that we should only act in the interest of ourselves. In responding to the prompt, consider whether or not you agree with Hararis perspective.
Read the first chapter of
21 Lessons for the 21st Century (read-along available below).
Upload your notes into the the Reading Component 3.2 assignment.
Respond to the prompt in 300 words or more.
Describe the political philosophy of your generation. Do you agree that it has become nihilistic?

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