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Tuesday Professor John Jennings Guest Speaker Required Reading: Jennings J. Forms of FuturePast Black Kirby Afrofuturism and the Visual

Tuesday, Professor John Jennings, Guest Speaker
Required Reading:
Jennings, J. “Forms of Future/Past Black Kirby Afrofuturism and the Visual Technologies of Resistance.”
Required Podcast on iLearn. John Jennings & Afro-Futurism.mp3
Recommended & Optional Video: Sun Ra & His
-Bring the Funk
John Jennings Interview at Planet Deep South: Jennings
TALK AT MIT: Jennings
WITH DAMIAN DUFFY SyFy wire: Jennings
Taking KINDRED at Chicago Humanities Festival Jennings
HUNTINGTON LIBRARY talk: Jennings Current Projects:Mentor-consultant for Starfish Accelerator project: Editor
of his own line of graphic
novels Mentor for six projects for the Sundance Institutes New
Frontiers grant:
Thursday, Guest Speaker, UC President’s Postdoctoral Fellow, Dr. Cathy Thomas.
Required Videos:
Marlon Riggs, Ethnic Notions, 1986. Access at:
Media Policy & You: Crash Course Media Literacy #9 (11:33). (Accessed at:
The Dark(er) Side of Media: Crash Course Media Literacy #10 (10:35). (Accessed at:

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