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TurnitinThis assignment will be submitted to Turnitin.InstructionsThis Exam is a


This assignment will be submitted to Turnitin™.


This Exam is an essay-based response discussing the 5 most significant events, people, etc. within the period of time covered in the textbook from Week 4 to Week 7. Responses can use examples both from inside and out of the text, however you should include at least some content covered in the book. Students must display their knowledge on the topic by explaining the significance of these events, proving their understanding. The 5 chosen things should be connectable by a singular theme, as many of the events covered can be grouped together under ideas of conquest, technology, faith, and so on. There is no correct answer, as I am evaluating you on your ability to convince me of the importance of those things. Your response should consist of a well-written essay with an introduction, conclusion, and at least one paragraph per chosen example. The prompt is not hidden to you, so feel free to collect your thoughts and pre-write a draft of your Final before opening the assignment.

WEEK 5: New Imperialism and the Industrial Age

CHAPTER 25: Adaptation and Resistance: The Ottoman and Russian Empires (p.600-623)

· CHAPTER 26: Industrialization and Its Discontents (624-649)

· CHAPTER 27: The New Imperialism in the Nineteenth Century (p.650-675)

WEEK 6: World Wars and the Aftermath

CHAPTER 28: World Wars and the Competing Visions of Modernity (p.676-705)

· CHAPTER 29: Reconstruction, Cold War, and Decolonization (p.706-735)

Week 7:

· CHAPTER 30: The End of the Cold War, Western Social Transformation, and the Developing
World (p.736-763)

· CHAPTER 31: A Fragile Capitalist-Democratic World Order (p.764-793


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