Understanding human personality

Download the Applied Learning Assignment Template.
Described in at least 150 words three different concepts, ideas or research findings
From the textbook, Psychology and life: Discovering psychology,20th read the following chapters
Understanding human personality
Psychological disorders

I have already chosen my 3 topics and I ONLY need the first section of the template completed. Here are my topics
Comorbidity- add the co-occurrence of psychological disorders (Kessler et al., 2005) Include in text citations,APA standards
Etiology of psychopathology-summarize the biological approaches & the psychological approaches using very short brief descriptions of the 4 dominant psychological models of abnormality(psychodynamic, behavioral, cognitive, & sociocultural). Include in text citations, APA standards
Freudian psychoanalysis- summarize and discuss the psychosexual development. Please include Libido, 5 stages of psychological development, Oedipus complex,& structure of personality. Include in text citations, APA standards

Each topic must be separated into 3 paragraphs, must be at least 150 word but no more than 250 words per paragraph. I have used this service once before for this type of assignment and wasted my money because the tutor did not follow any of my instructions and I had to throw the whole thing out. I’m giving it one more shot. I have 4 days to turn it in.


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