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   Unit 2: Discussion Introduction  The purpose of unit discussion is to have


Unit 2: Discussion


The purpose of unit discussion is to have an open dialogue that helps to expand your understanding of the course material as well as demonstrate your critical thinking abilities. While less formal than unit assignments, your posts should be supported with scholarly research. Participation throughout the assigned unit is encouraged so that you can participate in the give and take of a natural dialogue.

Unit Learning Outcomes

· ULO 2.1 Explain knowledge management and explain how knowledge is acquired, interpreted, disseminated, and retained in organizations.

· ULO 2.2 Explain the principles of a learning organization and the four key dimensions that are critical for creating and sustaining a learning organization and define a learning culture.

· ULO 2.3 Describe adult learning theory and its implications for training and development.

· ULO 2.5 Evaluate relevant scholarly research and synthesize research to complete required assignments.


Initial Post

Conduct scholarly research to provide a detailed response to one of the questions listed below. Review rubric for expectations.


Given the importance of motivation for learning and other training outcomes, what should trainers do to ensure that trainees are motivated to learn? What should managers do? Analyze the pros and cons of different approaches.

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