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Use the attached document of a social inequality story to

Use the attached document of a social inequality story to create a fact sheet, pamphlet, or infographic. 


a.Identify the social inequality issue/theme discussed in the reading 

b. Figure out if this issue is also in Gwinnett County or a neighboring county? 

c. Create a fact sheet, pamphlet, or infographic about the issue. 

d. Helpful Hints: • Think about your audience. What information will people need to understand the issue? • You are free to format your fact sheet, pamphlet or infographic in a creative way, as long as the associated text is readable. You may include graphs and charts as long as they do not take up too much space, and the key statistics from them are also stated in the text. ( we will discuss where to go to get such information) 

e. What should include? i. Headline. 

f. Summary of most important information in paragraph form. 7 

g. Bullet point list of supporting facts.

 h. Call to action.

 i. Where to go for more information

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Assignment Outline