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Use the prompt to write a rough draft and submit it to the Rough Draft Forum. Include at least one

Use the prompt to write a rough draft and submit it to the Rough Draft Forum. Include at least one quote from reading or the Harari interview, and at least one quote from one of your classmates to support your argument.
Quote From classmate: When I first heard about COVID-19, I looked at it as if it wasnt a big deal, so I just thought of it as a vacation because my school closed whenever it struck the U.S, but little did I know that it would end my high school experience in the most disappointing way. My friends and I were having the time of our lives playing video games till 3 in the morning; this was a dream come true to us because we have always thought about a huge event like this would happen where self-quarantine would be mandatory, using this as an excuse to do nothing but a game. As time passed around April, I noticed that I began to lose my interest in gaming. I felt as if I was wasting my youth doing nothing, so it struck me when I told myself, “ Damn, I’m really in my room waiting for days to go by, just for them to be the same.” At first, I enjoyed the quiet roads, just the sound of the birds when you go outside, but this made me feel lonely because I was so used to seeing my friends every day who are loud and obnoxious. Still, their personalities make memories, good ones, unlike the self-isolation, where it is just plain and saddening.
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