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We are going to have a continuous class discussion as we move throughTaking Up the Cross Nov 918.The discussion includes

We are going to have a continuous class discussion as we move through
Taking Up the Cross (Nov 9-18).
The discussion includes the entire class, including Professor Whitlock, who will interact with you all. In other words, you are not in small groups for this final discussion.
You are expected to have at least eight
posts (and not all at once) between now and November 18.
You will earn 45 points if you meet this requirement. You will earn 50 points if you go beyond eight posts. I suggest posting and participating each time you read
Taking Up the Cross.
In other words, I expect you to spread out your posts. I even suggest posting two times per reading.
What is considered a post?
A clarifying question (Whitlock will answer these)
An interpretive question (an open ended question asking for classmates interpretation)
A philosophical question sparked by the reading
A comment/question about Scripture referenced in
Taking Up the Cross
An answer to an interpretive or clarifying question
A comment about
Taking Up the Cross
A comment about a students comment
A comment on Whitlocks comment
Please show respect to each students point of view, just as you have so far this quarter. Respect does not mean you have to agree. It means you are trying to understand another students point of view, and you show graciousness in response, even you all do not agree on some things. This is an academic discussion. Let both your professionalism and your curiosity drive you.
I have created threads for each of our readings below. Please post on the thread that corresponds with the chapter you are posting about.

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