Wearing white clothes in the Buddhist tradition indicates

38. Alternative medical traditions are considered

a. an essential component of a cultural heritage medical tradition.

b. for use in concert with other aspects of health care.

c. out of the realm of a person’s cultural heritage medical tradition.

d. traditional methods of health care.

39. The evil eye is defined differently by different populations. Evil is thought to be cast in the Philippines through the

a. mouth or eye.

b. eye or touch.

c. foot.

d. breath.

40. The saying, “An apple a day keeps the doctor away, an onion a day keeps everyone away,” is thought to protect HEALTH by

a. recognizing the special antibiotic properties contained within onions.

b. advertising that onions have special healing abilities.

c. protecting the person from coming in contact with those who might be ill.

d. affirming the belief in the power of onions to prevent disease.

41. Religion has an important role in HEALTH, and ILLNESS can be considered

a. violating dietary practices.

b. failure to wear special amulets to ward it off.

c. a necessary part of religious culture.

d. punishment for breaking a religious code.

42. Eucalyptus is a folk herbal remedy that has applications today. It is used for

a. nasal congestion and sore throat.

b. infant colic.

c. toothache pain.

d. fever.

43. Allopathic medicine terms alternative treatments as complementary or alternative. An alternative therapy for rehabilitation might include ________ as treatment.

a. macrobiotics

b. Santeria

c. Voodoo

d. biofeedback

44. The difference between complementary and alternative medicine is that complementary medicine

a. can be used together with allopathic medicine.

b. is never used with allopathic medicine.

c. lessens a patient’s discomfort with allopathic treatments.

d. replaces allopathic medicine as a primary form of treatment.

45. A reason why people seek alternative care treatments is

a. allopathic treatments may cause adverse effects that a person can’t tolerate.

b. training for alternative care practitioners is closely regulated and licensed.

c. insurance reimburses alternative care treatments at the same rate or better than allopathic treatments.

d. it has a better empirical basis than do allopathic treatments.

46. Many people of Catholic faith pray to ________ for the grace of a happy death.

a. St. Teresa of Avila

b. St. John of God

c. St. Roch

d. St. Joseph

47. While shrines that attract pilgrims can be religious or secular in nature, an essential component to all of them is the

a. feeling of peace and serenity that is conducive to healing.

b. location of the shrine.

c. presence of water so pilgrims can take samples home.

d. numbers of people who are attracted to that site.

48. Lourdes, France, is the site of a revered Roman Catholic shrine. Many people with illnesses visit the shrine with the hope of

a. becoming more prosperous.

b. gaining a better job.

c. receiving a cure through a miracle.

d. being able to live a long life.

49. Historically, early forms of HEALING for illness were equated with

a. performing set rituals to prevent illness.

b. finding the person causing the illness.

c. sacrificial offerings.

d. removing the evil causing the illness.

50. Among alternative treatment modalities utilized during an illness may be the

a. consultation of a healer outside the medical establishment.

b. strict adherence to the prescribed medical regimen.

c. willingness to seek a second medical opinion.

d. refusal to allow any medical treatment to be performed.

51. A potential explanation for healers being used in addition to or instead of traditional medical personnel is their

a. unique language that is characteristic of their calling.

b. exclusive dialogue with the person who is ill.

c. formal relationship with the client.

d. willingness to be available at any time.

52. An illness of the spirit is treated through repentance and is considered

a. physical healing.

b. spiritual healing.

c. inner healing.

d. deliverance.

53. The six-week postpartum check that women have after having a baby closely matches the crucial ________ day practice of ancient times.

a. seventh

b. fortieth

c. third

d. tenth

54. Baptism dates for children have significance within various religions. Water is the common element in baptism as water signifies

a. protecting the child from illness.

b. cleansing the child either from evil or other maladies.

c. the relation of the child to God.

d. dedication of the child to a family group.

55. Wearing white clothes in the Buddhist tradition indicates

a. mourning the death of a relative.

b. recognition of a religious holiday.

c. joy for the birth of an infant.

d. celebration for a marriage.

56. The decline in the use of patent medicine utilization in the United States began with

a. the passage of the Food and Drug Act.

b. increased popularity of over-the-counter medicines.

c. the rise in alternative health care practitioners.

d. Medicare reimbursement for prescription medications.


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