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Week 1 Required Dialogue Questions: 200-300 words 1. Explain how

Week 1 Required Dialogue Questions: 200-300 words 

1. Explain how changes in interest rates affect the automobile, home construction, and auto repair industries.

2. We began to learn about external environments and will discover more in the next weeks. This includes culture, politics, laws, and the economy. Educational Services is a thriving industry. Using Regent University as an example, explain how political-legal and economic, forces have affected its operations over the past decade. 

 2 peer responses in the range of 75-125 words each. Posts are too brief for a cover page and double-spacing.  Otherwise, your posts, references and citations should be in APA format. Paste from a document or type in the posting box; attaching a “Word Document” is unnecessary. The rubrics with Biblical Integration determines your grade. It considers:

  • Providing a short introduction stating your position and argument
  • Supporting your argument (intext citing shows this)
  • When all is done, give a brief conclusion
  • a reference at the end

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