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Week Eleven Discussion Chapter Sixteen Outlining Your Speech In Chapter 16 of the textbook we learn about how

Week Eleven Discussion (Chapter Sixteen)
Outlining Your Speech
In Chapter 16 of the textbook, we learn about how to construct a better persuasive speech. We also learn about the rhetorical proofs of ETHOS, PATHOS, and LOGOS. Use that information for your discussion below.
Be as thorough and descriptive as possible in your response. Remember, the purpose of discussions is not a recitation of what the textbook says; the purpose is for you to take your knowledge and apply it directly to this course and yourself as a speaker.
Part One
For your Initial Post due by Friday, 11:59 PM:
Hit the reply button, below.
Choose TWO speech topics for your upcoming persuasive speech
For those two topics, write how you would include ETHOS, PATHOS, and LOGOS for each one.
EXAMPLE (you will have to do two of these and of course there will be some similarities between the two):
TOPIC: I will be writing about why people should eat a more plant based diet.
ETHOS: I will dress formally for my presentation and present the information in a way to show my audience how much I care and how informative I am on the topic. By proving to the audience that I know what Im talking about and how much I have prepared it will increase credibility. I will also talk about how long I have been practicing a mostly vegan lifestyle (but Ill admit that Im human and I occasionally get an In-N-Out burger).
PATHOS: I will appeal to emotion by starting with an anecdote about the negative effects that the carnivorous diet has on the climate, especially when more and more people are gaining access to affordable meat. I will also somehow mention an individuals anecdote about cancer related to meat consumption.
LOGOS: FACTS! This speech will include some pathos but it will mostly be fact based. I plan on using mostly Peer-Reviewed research articles because it will make a stronger impact on the appeal to logic.
The two chosen topics would be universal care for all & Coronavirus pandemic has affected learning across the world.

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