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Weight and height measurement

Assessment Criteria

1. Explain the structures and functions of the organs of the digestive system

1.1 Explain the structures and functions of the digestive system to include mechanical and chemical digestion with reference to optimum conditions

2 Understand nutrients and their sources

2.1 Explain the constituent food groups of a balanced diet and their sources

3. Understand the components of a healthy diet and the consequences of an unhealthy diet

3.1 Explain dietary requirements at key life stages and the consequences of not achieving a balanced diet

3.2 Evaluate the methods used to measure body mass


Assignment and Tasks

1. Give a 15-minute presentation which is recorded in which you explain the structures and the functions of the digestive system including the accessory organs, the process of mechanical and chemical digestion including the optimum conditions (temperature/pH) for the enzymes involved.  You should discuss two named enzymes, e.g. pepsin.  Explain the constituent food groups (all five) of a balanced diet providing examples for their sources.  You should use power point slides or similar software, along with any notes these should be uploaded along with the recording of your presentation onto epearl.  Power point slides do not go through `Turnitin`. (1.1, 2.1)

2. Produce a short essay analysing the dietary scenarios provided in the Assessor’s Guidance.

Within your analysis you need to discuss the consequences of not achieving a balanced diet and provide recommendations on how the diets could be improved. In diet scenario 1 analyse Michael`s energy intake noting what it should be, identify if he is a healthy weight for his height, what changes he should make to his diet.  In diet scenario 2 explain the dietary changes Stephanie needs to make to her diet to help her conceive and what nutrients are important in improving the chances of a woman conceiving.  In diet scenario 3 explain what condition Imran is suffering from and why he was given Vitamin D supplements. Explain what foods he could eat for Vitamin D and calcium.  Relevant theory must be referenced where appropriate, and a reference list and bibliography provided. The essay should be a maximum of 800 words in length. (3.1)

3. There are a range of methods and techniques used to measure body mass including:

• Weight and height measurement

• Physical measurements (callipers, BM1, waist/hip ratio)

• Bioelectrical impedance

• Hydrostatic weighing

• 3D body scanners

Produce a table which evaluates three of these methods/techniques in terms of their strengths, limitations and accuracy. The table should identify the strengths, limitations and accuracy of each method/technique.  The table should contain a maximum of 400 words. (3.2)

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