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what cannot be used for this assignment are web pages,

what cannot be used for this assignment are web pages, magazines, newspapers, text books, and other books. Finally, current research for our purposes is an article that was published within the last 5 to 6 years.

Major developmental theories across the lifespan

Nature of geographic, gender, social, cognitive, emotional, and developmental factors during each period of development

Developmental factors that impact one another.

Historical and current trends in development

Current trends which may differentially impact the future development of populations in the United States

Social, and diversity issues related to developmental psychology

With the major areas above in mind, focus on at least two of the following age groups:




Older Adults

First, give an overview of each article, including:

Write a 2-paragraph summary for each article.

Write a 1-2 paragraph analysis and evaluation for each article found.

Make sure to integrate course material in that analysis

Then, write a summary (1-2 pages) integrating what was leaned from the articles reviewed on the chosen age groups as seen from the life-span perspective. Cover the following in that summary:

What similarities did you find in the types of research and what was being studied? What differences did you find?

Based on your course readings, what developmental theories did you find that were applicable?

Explain how the life-span perspective may provide a way of better understanding the research reviewed.

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Assignment Outline