What codes are assigned? 

14.   An echocardiogram shows that the wall of a patient’s artery has dilated. The dilation has resulted in a saclike swelling. This swelling is called a/an


A. aneurysm.

B. cyst.

C. mesenteric venous thrombosis.

D. benign tumor.

15.   What is Medicare Part D?


A. The component of Medicare Part A that covers outpatient surgeries

B. Supplemental coverage for war veterans and their dependents

C. Add-on coverage for dental procedures

D. Add-on coverage for prescription drugs provided through insurance companies approved by Medicare

16.   The suffix –stasis means


A. flow.

B. stopping and controlling.

C. breakdown.

D. kinetic.

17.   The outcome of delivery code should be


A. omitted from the maternal record for stillborn delivery.

B. assigned to the newborn record only.

C. assigned to both the maternal and newborn records.

D. assigned to the maternal record when a delivery occurs.

18.   A patient who was involved in a motor vehicle accident is taken to the hospital by ambulance and admitted to the hospital in critical care. The physician sees the patient for 74 minutes in critical care. The physician leaves to attend to other patients in the ICU and the NICU of the same hospital. Five hours later, the physician returns to the patient and continues to treat the patient in critical care for an additional 30 minutes. The patient spends a total of 104 minutes in critical care. What codes are assigned?


A. 99292, 99292, 99293

B. 99291, 99291

C. 99291, 99292

D. 99292, 99293

19.   The root word OBSTETR/O means


A. cesarean.

B. pregnancy.

C. birth.

D. midwife.

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