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What do you think were the critical factors that fueled

 What do you think were the critical factors that fueled the need for IT governance? In what ways did ISO affect the standards for network security? 

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Read the following learning materials.

Isabel Rivera-Ruiz, & Edgar Ferrer-Moreno. (2015). The Relationship Between Strategic Leadership, Human IT Infrastructure, Project Management, Project Success, and Firm Performance. International Journal of Information, Business and Management, 7(2), 77–.

Khalid, Noor, A., Iqbal, J., Farid, S., & Chang, V. (2018). Development of public sector information management systems: challenges and promising practices. Information Discovery and Delivery, 46(3), 184–195.

Jenkin, Chan, Y. E., & Sabherwal, R. (2019). Mutual Understanding in Information Systems Development: Changes Within and Across Projects. MIS Quarterly, 43(2), 649–671.

Yang, Z., Sun, J., Zhang, Y., Wang, Y., & Cao, L. (2017). Employees’ collaborative use of green information systems for corporate sustainability: motivation, effort and performance. Information Technology for Development, 23(3), 486-506. 

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