What HCPCS Level II code would be assigned?

63.   The _______ nerve sends visual data to the occipital lobe of the brain.

A. abducens   B. trochlear   C. optic   D. oculomotor


64.   The root word OBSTETR/O means

A. pregnancy.   B. cesarean.   C. midwife.   D. birth.


65.   The root word ENTER/O means

A. tooth.   B. stomach.   C. intestine.   D. secretion.


66.   What code would be assigned for gastropathy?

A. K29.7   B. K41.31   C. K31.9   D. K41.2


67.   A patient comes to the physician’s office complaining of neck irritation. The physician examines her neck and notes that she has a 15 cm neck scar. Upon further examination, the physician notes that the neck scar requires extensive debridement and retention sutures. The physician performs a dermabrasion to treat the neck scar and then closes the complex wound with the sutures. What ICD-10 and CPT codes are assigned?

A. 13132, 13133 × 2, L90.5   B. 13132, 13133 × 3, H81.09, L92.9   C. 13133-51, 13131-79, L60.0   D. 13132, L76.82


68.   The bulbourethral gland is found in the _______ system.

A. neurological   B. cardiovascular   C. male genital   D. female genital


69.   A tethered health record allows patients to

A. restructure insurance copayments.   B. use a secure portal to access their own records.   C. compare their health records to the records of patients with similar diagnoses.   D. amend the diagnoses listed in the health record.


70.   A patient is diagnosed with lymphocytic lymphoma. Another patient is seen several weeks later and is diagnosed with histiocytic lymphoma. Both of these diagnoses are examples of _______ lymphoma.

A. basic   B. Hodgkin’s   C. non-Hodgkin’s   D. Burkitt’s


71.   A patient receives a blood glucose monitor. What HCPCS Level II code would be assigned?

A. E0976   B. E0607   C. E0562   D. E4752


72.   A good compliance program in the health care setting includes

A. HHS surveillance.   B. regular tracking and monitoring of coding activities.   C. meetings with compliance officers.   D. regular audit consultations with trustees of the AAPC.


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