When preparing to perform a physical examination on an infant, the examiner should:

This description is consistent with:
June 19, 2019
Have the child undress from the waist up.
June 19, 2019

Question 16. Question : The mother of a 2-year-old is concerned because her son has had three ear infections in the past year. What would be an appropriate response by the nurse practitioner?

“It is unusual for a small child to have frequent ear infections unless there is something else wrong.

“We need to check the immune system of your son to see why he is having so many ear infections.

“Ear infections are not uncommon in infants and toddlers because they tend to have more cerumen in the external ear.

“Your son’s eustachian tube is shorter and wider than yours because of his age, which allows for infections to develop more easily.

Question 17. Question : The nurse practitioner would use bimanual palpation technique in which situation?

Palpating the thorax of an infant

Palpating the kidneys and uterus

Assessing pulsations and vibrations

Assessing the presence of tenderness and pain

Question 18. Question : The patient’s record, laboratory studies, objective data, and subjective data combine to form the:


admitting data.

financial statement.

discharge summary.

Question 19. Question : When preparing to perform a physical examination on an infant, the examiner should:

have the parent remove all clothing except the diaper on a boy.

instruct the parent to feed the infant immediately before the exam.

encourage the infant to suck on a pacifier during the abdominal exam.

ask the parent to briefly leave the room when assessing the infant’s vital signs.


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