Which modifier indicates a staged or related procedure performed during the postoperative period?

106.   A patient comes to the emergency room complaining of postnasal drip, frequent nosebleeds, headaches, and difficulty breathing. She is diagnosed with a deviated nasal septum, hypertrophy of the turbinate, and inflammation of the ethmoid sinuses. The physician performs an endoscopic ethmoidectomy of the left nasal sinus, septoplasty, and turbinate excision. What ICD-10-CM and CPT codes are assigned?

A. 31255, 30520, 30130, J34.2, J34.3, J32.2   B. 31255-LT, 30520-51, 30130-51, J34.2, J34.3, J32.2   C. 31230, 30520, J34.2, J34.3, J32.2   D. 31230-51, 30520-LT, J34.2


107.   A physician is analyzing specific organs in a particular region of the patient’s body. In her notes, she refers to the transverse or cross-sectional plane, which divides the body

A. inferiorly.   B. vertically.   C. horizontally.   D. bilaterally.


108.   A patient comes to the emergency room after having dinner at a restaurant, where she began to experience chest tightness during the meal. She is seen for a cardiology consultation in the outpatient setting for a diagnosis of chest tightness. Which CPT and ICD-10-CM codes would be assigned?

A. 99245, R07.89   B. 99244, R07.59   C. 99242, R17.52   D. 99243, R25.96


109.   Providers that receive reimbursement after health care services have been provided are being compensated under the _______ system.

A. prospective payment   B. retrospective payment   C. capitation   D. UCR


110.   The regulations in HIPAA apply to three groups of individual and corporate entities, each involved in electronic medical records transfer. These groups are collectively referred to as

A. health care administrators.   B. covered entities.   C. provisional health care data collectors.   D. protected personnel.


111.   The largest salivary glands are called the _______ glands.

A. amylase   B. parotid   C. sublingual   D. submandibular


112.   Which modifier indicates a staged or related procedure performed during the postoperative period?

A. -59   B. -57   C. -58   D. -54


113.   The voluntary program that’s financed through a combination of payments from general federal revenues and premiums paid by beneficiaries who elect to participate is called

A. CHAMPVA.   B. Medicare Part B.   C. Medicaid.   D. TRICARE.

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