Which modifier should be assigned to the CPT code?      

20.   Coders can use the Microsoft Office suite to create spreadsheets in


A. Excel.

B. Lotus 1-2-3.

C. PowerPoint.

D. Word.

21.   A patient undergoes an appendectomy and later returns to the operating room for a related procedure the same day. Which modifier should be assigned to the CPT code?


A. -51

B. -AA

C. -76

D. -78

22.   The concept of meaningful use pertains to


A. categorization of patient information.

B. medical office protocol and document organization.

C. resource management in the inpatient setting.

D. electronic health record implementation.

23.   The study of disease is called


A. pathology.

B. urology.

C. physiology.

D. neurology.

24.   Modifier -23 indicates that


A. a procedure was performed bilaterally.

B. the patient received general anesthesia for a procedure that would ordinarily be performed with local or no anesthesia.

C. a physician reviewed and interpreted a radiology procedure.

D. two surgeons performed a procedure.

25.   Releasing genetic information is forbidden under the terms of HIPAA because it may


A. indicate susceptibility to a future illness, without the patient actually being diagnosed with the condition.

B. allow immediate family members to have access to a patient’s medical records.

C. not be successfully transmitted to all health care facilities.

D. require physicians to fulfill contractual obligations for treatments provided in ambulatory surgery centers.

26.   Provision of security against a hurt, loss, or damage with specific cash payments is called


A. protection.

B. secured loss.

C. copayment.

D. indemnity.


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